Nutrition and wellbeing

Happy Clients

“I can’t thank you enough Sarra for all the guidance and help you have given me. Having followed your prescribed treatment plan for the past number of weeks I have so much more energy, feel happier and so much healthier! I am looking forward to trying the tasty recipes you gave me in our follow up consultation. If I feel this much better after only 6 weeks, I can’t wait to continue to welcome improvements in my health and energy levels in the future….. Laura, Herts.


“Sarra had the good idea to actually make her juice and soup so that we know what they taste like. Now I will attempt the recipes; otherwise I would definitely have not bothered. She was bright bubbly and entertaining.” – Lesley


Sessions with Sarra were both fun and effective. She showed me some great tricks and explained the why’s and why not’s of healthy eating and I’ve been on a steady path ever since. I’ve managed to overcome issues I’ve been battling with for years.

Philippa Desiderio


“I was very interested in the nutrition workshop & with my consultation, it was thought-provoking and useful. I have wanted to have one for a while & it was great to have the opportunity to do everything in one place.” – Jane


“I’d tried points, colours, calories and almost every bizarre food combination you could imagine. My biggest challenge has always been finding the will power to stick to a rigorous eating regime, where most of the time I felt like I was being deprived of my favourite foods, and I constantly felt guilty when I gave in and ate the tiniest crumb of something ‘naughty’! Having 1:1 support that was focussed on me rather than ‘the diet’ has made a huge difference. The techniques that Sarra introduced were always perfect for whatever challenge I was facing and I still use them regularly to keep me on target!

I loved the fact that I didn’t have to count, weigh, measure or slavishly record everything I ate. I felt like there were no bad decisions so no guilt or shame… if I felt like having a treat then I would, but actually very often I decided that my healthy eating goal was more important! I feel great, my skin is clear, I have more energy – I’ve taken up jogging and cycling again – and I definitely feel more comfortable in my own skin. I love fitting back into outfits that I’d grown (expanded) out of and I never get tired of hearing people tell me how healthy and vibrant I look!

I feel confident that I can keep using the techniques that Sarra has taught me to continue leading a healthy lifestyle. I have a ‘big’ birthday coming up and I know I’m going to look and feel great. “
Thank you Sarra!

Charlotte. Abbots Langley, Herts