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Revitalise Your Life!

Wow, you are exhausted, confused and frustrated.

You have been swinging between eating super strict healthy and then binging on wine and junk at the weekends for so long now you can´t remember what it is like to feel balanced. Every time you look in the fridge you feel confused. You want to eat something that will give you energy and fill you up but you still wanna fit in your skinny jeans!

The hardest bit is not being able to find a happy balance…



Still wanting to go out with friends for dinner and drinks but not wanting to feel as though you have mucked it all up then have to start all over again on Monday.

What others don´t realise is that it really knocks your confidence and you feel like such a failure as it “should” be so straight forward.

You wonder if it will ever change or if you will have to make a choice between going out and having fun and being healthy.

You have tried so many things….

Reading books, going to workshops and downloading free guides from the internet. The inspiration never really lasts and you never see it through. You even tried some of the slimming clubs but couldn´t imagine having to weigh food or count points for the rest of your life – anyway you wanted to get healthy and energised not just lose a few pounds.

Maybe you´ve even tried the whole plant based, vegan thing but found it too serious, confusing and “all or nothing”. You don´t want to be hungry and you definitely don´t  want to have to give up your beloved cheese forever!

Unfortunately what you have often found to be missing with all of the things you have tried is the lack of one to one support, accountability and hand holding. You feel as though the reasons, habits and behaviours behind why you eat and struggle to find balance is never really addressed which leaves it easy to slip back into old habits.

Thankfully there is another way…

Imagine feeling full of energy and enthusiasm, confident that you can go out and have fun with friends knowing that you won´t “muck up” your healthy lifestyle. Imagine after a night out actually looking forward to a smoothie instead of  starting the week with pasties and endless cups of coffee knowing that the smoothie will make you feel 1000 times better. And taste 1000 times better too.

No more swinging wildly and resentfully between the 2 worlds.

The good news is there is an easy way to boost your energy levels, feel full and nourish your self physically and emotionally following a plant based diet. There are ways of curbing cravings and reaching your goals without feeling like you are missing out.

The best news is you don´t have to do any of this alone…



I want to live in a world where nourishing our mind, body and soul with nutritious, delicious plant based food is easy and enjoyable. Where we don´t have to chose between partying and feeling healthy. A world where we are bursting with energy and vitality to really live the way we want to live.

I understand what it is like to feel knackered, confused and frustrated with food. I didn´t know how to nourish myself and struggled to find balance between wanting to be healthy but still wanting to party. I found help through many wonderful therapies such as naturopathic nutrition, EFT and NLP leading me to train in those areas and make it my mission to share my findings with you.

Don´t get me wrong I still have my ups and downs but now I know how to look after myself better and move through them much quicker without beating myself up too much! Having been plant based for 19 years and a total foodie it comes naturally to me, I don´t take it all too seriously and I love sharing this joy with others.

It´s time to Revitalise your Life!

This is an 8 week plan offering support to those who want to find balance, boost energy and really get to grips with a healthy plant based diet.

We go through 3 main steps. Each main step lasts 1 hour and can be taken via Skype or phone.

Step 1. Clarity. Looking at behaviours, habits and goal setting.

Step 2. Nitty Gritty. Looking at what your cells need to flourish and thrive, hydration, the acid/alkaline balance and meal planning.

Step 3. Onwards and Upwards. Looking at everything you have tried and learnt and discovering ways to make it fit in with your lifestyle so that the positive changes last.

1 x 30 minute catch up call in between steps 1 and 3 to see how you are getting on and set more goals/actions if wanted.

1 x 30 minute catch up call 1 month after step 3 to iron out any creases, provide support and encouragement for your ongoing success.

  • That is 4 hours of coaching where I share nutritional advice, EFT and NLP techniques to help move you towards your goals.
  • You receive a marvelous pdf manual bursting with information on healthy eating, tips on staying motivated, worksheets and over 50 mouth watering, alkalising plant based recipes.
  • Email/text support over the 8 weeks we work together.*
  • There is even a private Facebook page where you can ask me questions, communicate with other Revitalise your Lifers and share your highs and your lows.
  •  £250  Book now 

Start looking and feeling better now.

Here´s what a previous Revitalise your Lifer had to say…

“I had gone a bit off track in my eating and didn’t feel as healthy. I didn’t know how to regain the energy and zest I had lost and longed to get them back.

There has been much support I have taken from our work together. From amazingly delicious and nutritious recipes that are enjoyable to eat and don’t make me feel full or bloated, to knowing what vitamins and supplements will help me out in modern life to finding an amazing daily fix of goodness through your delicious green smoothie. I think the most profound thing however has been realising just how damaging it was to me not to drink enough water. Since learning about my cells in your very clear and powerful explanation, I have been drinking far more of the stuff and have my water poster up in my kitchen for reference to that very helpful learning.

As a result of our time working together, I feel more energetic, more knowledgeable and more hydrated. I have felt my energy return and know more about how I can look after myself. You have also helped me to see this isn’t about deprivation & treats are still appropriate. Moreover, on a general basis, it is important to eat well with the means to a healthy life style, which I now have thanks to all you have shared.”

Lisa, South London.

Get in on the action now!

Want to talk it through and see if this is the right support for you? Got questions? Want to sign up and get started?  Contact me and we can arrange a time to have  a chat.

I look forward to helping you Revitalise your Life!

*Up to 4 times a week.

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