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Damage Limitation (formerly Fresh) was born through my passion for food, nature, and quest for true happiness. I strongly believe that what we eat can have a profound effect on how we feel and I see examples of this every day all around me.

How did I get here today? Well, after carrying my fair share of “puppy fat” as a young teenager I ended up with a pretty unhealthy relationship with food that lead to an eating disorder. That all stopped by my early twenties thanks to growing up, seeking help and the love and support of my husband.

I liked a drink!

I liked a drink!

Throughout my twenties I had the usual shit happens/life stuff alongside lots of “crazyfuntimes” partying, working and burning the candle at both ends. Although I was pretty gregarious and seemed confident I was struggling on the inside as many young people do. I knew deep inside that I was capable of feeling a lot of joy and wanted to share that,

but this was being regularly eclipsed by my black moods and high anxiety. I was not feeling as happy as I knew I could, it had taken it’s toll and I was feeling the downside. Something had to change.

I did a lot of research, read a lot of books and tried out a few different techniques and therapies in my quest. I exercised, saw a naturopathic nutritionist and an EFT practitioner. Dabbled in NLP, visualisations and coaching. Time, patience, support and a combination of these different therapies and techniques all lead to me feeling more and more like the real Sarra.

Somewhere along the way, as my Mojo came back in full force I decided I wanted to share this and help others. I studied Naturopathic nutrition, EFT, Coaching and NLP techniques and I use all of these today with my clients.

I love love love food and it is wonderful to share my passion with people who haven´t yet discovered how delicious AND healthy it can be. I have a particular interest in plant based nutrition as I have been vegan for around 16 years now and also love experimenting with raw food. I still love to party (just not in quite the same way) and any one who knows me knows I do like my wine and am not averse to a vegan cake if I can get my hands on it! Meeting new people on courses and at workshops excites me as does going to festivals, dancing and running around outside in the woods getting muddy.

To share my love of all things healthy and delicious I bought an old Bedford CF van, restored it with the help of my other half ( thank God he´s a classic car mechanic!!) and now we take smoothies, juices, fresh coconuts and healthy goodies out on the road to markets, festivals and race events.

I am also a personal plant powered chef! I currently work for a wonderful family whizzing up fresh juices, smoothies and plant powered meals every week. I originally started as the husband is not well and they wanted to fill him full of goodness and optimum nutrition. Since being there they have seamlessly transitioned (completely of their own accord) from meat and fish eaters to full on vegans embracing bean burgers and nut mylks and definitely feeling the benefits!

Something I have learned along the way is that life is a bumpy, exciting, messy, thrilling ride! I want to give it my best shot and I can only do that when I have the health and vitality to really be the best me.

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