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About Me

Damage Limitation (formerly Fresh) was born through my passion for food, nature, and quest for true happiness. I strongly believe that what we eat can have a profound effect on how we feel and I see examples of this every day all around me.

How did I get here today?

Like to party?

Like to party?

Throughout my late teens and early twenties I lived with a pretty unhealthy attitude towards food, an eating disorder and a big partying habit. I was burning the candle at both ends and although I was pretty gregarious and seemed confident I was struggling on the inside, as many young people do. I knew deep inside that I was capable of feeling great joy but this was being regularly eclipsed by my black moods and high anxiety.

Something had to change.

I did a lot of research, read a lot of books and tried out a few different techniques and therapies in my quest. I exercised, saw a naturopathic nutritionist and an EFT practitioner. Dabbled in NLP, visualisations and coaching. Time, patience, support and a combination of these different therapies and techniques all lead to me feeling more and more like the real Sarra.

Somewhere along the way, as my Mojo came back in full force I decided I wanted to share this and help others. I studied Naturopathic nutrition, EFT, Coaching and NLP techniques and I use all of these today with my clients.

smoothie van

Smoothie Van!

I became vegan back in 1999 and feel passionate about the ethical and health benefits of a plant based diet and lifestyle. To share my love of all things healthy, plantbased and delicious I decided to run a smoothie and juice stall and do some private catering. Over the last few years we have had fun taking part in a variety of events such as Vegfest, yoga festivals and local race events.  I even had a 2 year stint of being a personal chef to a family where I whizzed up fresh juices, smoothies and plant powered meals every week!

My life changed again in the most wonderful way with the birth of our daughter Carla-RLoveose at the end of May 2017. I threw myself into all things healthy and positive for fertility and pregnancy, whizzing up extra special smoothies to support my body whilst it was working so hard. As a mum I’m constantly finding ways to make sure I am looking after myself nutritionally, physically and emotionally so that I can keep up with this new pace of life. Exercise stops me from losing my mind and means I can still fit into my clothes but fitting it in is a whole new challenge! Having also been a nanny for over 20 years and a plantbased chef means that weaning has been (mostly!) great fun. Introducing our daughter to the yummy foods we eat feels fab, knowing she is getting a nutritious, balanced diet.

I’ll be honest and say it hasn’t been a dreamy, easy ride to get there and I have had 3 miscarriages. Not only was this upsetting due to loss and grief but it challenged everything I thought I knew about health, nutrition and wellness. I’ve come out the other side a much more compassionate, understanding and possibly softer human being. This is reflected in the way I want to work with my clients and I am excited about exploring the ways we can all be a bit kinder to ourselves as a form of essential self care.

I’ve been around long enough to know that life is a bumpy, exciting, messy, thrilling ride! I want to give it my best shot and I can only do that when I have the health and vitality to really be the best me.

If you want help finding your Mojo then please get in touch and start reclaiming your life! X