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Hello Lovelies, I know I was going to do a follow up of the time saving tips but after hearing a story on BBC 3 counties radio last week I felt so incensed that I had to write about it.

It was about a young woman called Christina Briggs who has now been in the media a lot talking about her weight issues. When I first heard what had been said –  “Healthy eating is too expensive so I have to eat junk” I was cross as it seemed like such a cop out but when I looked into it more I realised that she is actually really struggling with her weight and a whole host of other issues that had been glossed over in the newspaper headline of course. There was quite the discussion about it over on my Facebook page!

Anyway all´s well that ends well as it means that you guys get a boat load of tips on how to eat healthy on a budget! Maybe they can help Christina too.

Money saving

Money saving

So here are my top 15 tips on healthy eating on a budget:

1. If you aren´t plant based already then ditch or really limit the meat, cheese, fish, dairy, ready meals, booze and fizzy pop as they tend to be more expensive (and not so good for your health).

2. Add lentils, split peas and/or beans to mince and meat dishes such as stews to bump up the volume, nutrition and taste whilst cutting the cost and saturated fat content. Win/win.

3. Buy things that are seasonal and on offer and either gorge yourself on them or freeze for a day when you are feeling the pinch and want some variety. Fruit and veg that is in season is nutritionally superior and often much tastier as you know it is fresh. Check out local farmers shops and markets. Check out this website  for a directory of farmers markets, markets and pick your own.

4. Potatoes. Cheap, filling and full of potassium and vitamin C.

5. Eat smaller portions. I know it sounds obvious but often we over eat and definitely eat more than the serving suggestion.

6. Drink more water. Staying hydrated means that you will be in tune with your natural thirst and hunger mechanism meaning that you won´t be snacking when you don´t really need to.

7. Never. And I mean never shop when you are hungry! Supermarkets spend thousands on product placement and it is so much easier to stay focused on what you actually came in for if you don´t feel as though you are about to mug the child in front of you for a bite of her iced bun.

Never shop when hungry

Never shop when hungry

8. Shop online. Yes you may have to pay for delivery but see above re product placement and staying on track whilst shopping. You don´t have to be hungry to get sucked into the BOGOF´s and special deals that you didn´t really need.

9. Buy frozen. Yep, I know I love fresh too but sometimes it is a good idea to buy frozen, especially things like berries, spinach, peas, sweetcorn. These are picked and frozen within hours so pretty fresh. Frozen spinach in cooked meals goes sooooo much further than fresh. Frozen berries in a smoothie make it nice and cold and you always have some to hand when you need them.

10. Never throw leftover dinner away or give it to the dog (sorry dog), they make perfect lunches or can often be resurrected the next night in disguise such as a stew or an interesting wrap.

11. Shop around. Yes it can be time consuming but just take some time out, go to 3 or 4 different shops, check prices then choose 1 or 2 to do your shopping from. I do all my fruit and veg shopping from a local Polish shop (Ferhat for those local) and then just get other groceries such as frozen berries etc from a main supermarket. We have saved LOADS of money doing this and their fresh herbs are great, not to mention 3 cucumbers for a £1 – great for juice freaks like me! Often these kind of shops and Asian shops will do brilliant deals on tinned chickpeas and beans, dried lentils and split peas and brilliantly 1 kilo bags of cashews, almonds for under a tenner.

12. Set up your own food co op with friends and family and buy in bulk. There is Costco and Booker for some basic bits but try out companies such as Goodness Foods or Infinity Foods for good deals on things like agave syrup, seeds and almond milk.

13. Markets. Go at the end of trading day to grab some bargains and get your haggle hat on.

Farmers market carrots

Farmers market carrots

14. Supermarkets – go at the end of the day when they have reduced items and get ready to elbow people out of the way for the last bag of satsumas.

15. Plan. Plan. Plan. It makes sense. If you plan what you are going to eat for the week and buy accordingly then you are much less likely to have left over food going to waste. You also are more likely to try new recipes as you will actually have the ingredients for them!

 I would love to know your top 2 money saving tips so please let us know in the comments section below and share this blog with others by using the Facebook and Twitter buttons. Many thanks and till next time may you be happy and healthy 🙂



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  1. Hi Sarra, loved your post on money-saving tips. I’ve a keen eye for bargains in the supermarket and one tip is – stock up on long shelf-life items when they’re reduced. Tip two – cook enough for several meals at a time. It saves on gas and keeps the freezer full saving on electricity.
    By the way, if you want anything promoted on our social media let us know by email or on our Facebook or Twitter accounts.
    Keep well and happy,


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