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Get out the door on time without eating rubbish!

Autumn morining

Ok. Summer holidays are over. Back to work. Kids are back to school. It´s the start of a new season and life is regaining some sense of normality.

Autumn morning

Autumn morning

Many of us will have over indulged a little over the hols.  I know I have! Maybe the odd ice cream whilst out with the kids and cold glass of wine whilst sunning your self in a pub garden with friends and why not?

Time to get back on track and fuel your self with wholesome grub to see you through the day and keep temptation at bay whilst whittling the waistline so you can do it all again at Christmas (sorry for the C word!).

I know I know, you are busy and you aren´t a morning person but a couple of tweaks can mean you can be one of those people who has a green juice or smoothie a day and only eats chips at lunch time because they really fancy it – not because they haven´t got anything for lunch. Again.


getting out the door on time

getting out the door on time


As this is part one let´s start with breakfast.

1. Bulk buy fresh fruit when you see it on offer and freeze it so you always have some to hand to make smoothies.

2. When you make green smoothies and juices make massive amounts (or at least 2 portions at a time) , portion up into old coffee jars (oh the irony!) and freeze. Get one out to defrost before you go to bed at night and grab on way out the door in the morning. Remember to leave some space at the top so it doesn´t explode in your freezer.

3. Make up 2-3 of batches of overnight oats at the beginning of the week. Soak 1/3 of a cup of oats and buckwheat groats in organic soya, almond or rice milk in the fridge overnight and voila! You have a deliciously tasty brekkie ready to go. Add cinnamon, dried fruit, nuts and seeds (chia particularly good) and pop it all in a jar with a screw lid the night before. Stir before eating, add fresh fruit and remember your spoon. I shall write a separate blog all about the joys of overnight oats at some point!

overnight oats

overnight oats

4. Make a flask of hot water and lemon up the night before. Take it to bed with your favourite mug and in the morning pour end enjoy whilst running around like a looney looking for your other sock.

5. Make up small baggies or pots of mixed nuts and seeds to grab for snacks through out the week. Always keep a couple of these along with an apple in your glove box/desk at work/handbag so if you do miss brekkie you have something yummy that will keep you going till lunch and you won´t attack the vending machine.

6. Remember, left over dinner is fine for breakfast as long as it is a good mix of healthy protein, fats, complex carbs and pref greens. Make sure it isn´t a huge portion, just pop it in a Tupperware after dinner, pop in fridge and pop it in your bag to take for an on-the-go brekkie. Get out of your “breakfast has to be something sweet” Box!

Extra point** Keep your gym/running kit bag packed and ready by the door or in your car. Saves time faffing around looking for sweat bands and leg warmers. No excuse. Just go.  You know you won´t regret it 😉

Wow. You are organised!! Seriously though just start with 1 of these and add 1 on each week until they are all second nature and never be without a tasty nutritious breakfast again.

 Until next time, what is your fave way to get out the door on time and stay on top of your healthy eating/living goals? I would love to know so please leave a comment below and share this blog with anyone you think could do with a better start to their day!

  1. Aha! I am joining the breakfast revolution. The time I save with making overnight oats I will be making jumbo quantities of smoothies. : )

  2. I grab a tomatoe and an avocado :). It’s super healthy and the colour combo is just amazing. Normally I only eat half of the avocado and 1-2 tomatoes a depending on the size. Add some herbs and a bit pepper and ready :). I’m (or I was after your post now) a little bit clueless what to eat when there are no avocados around… Now I have new things to try 😀 (and I still need a dictionary haha like what the heck are oats? haha #learnenglish). Thanks for the inspiration and looking forward for new posts 🙂

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