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Raw Chocolate Energy Balls!

Cacao, cashew and seed energy balls…

These are a fantastic snack when you feel like something sweet, need an energy boost or great as a pud. Be aware the cacao can be quite a “pick-u-up” so I wouldn’t have these too close to bed time!

½ cup of cashews and ½ cup mixed seeds.

1 tablspoon agave or maple syrup

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

5 dates (or to your taste)

2 tablspoons organic cacao (find in health food shops or online)


Whizz the cashews and seeds until fine, add the rest of ingredients and whizz until they are a thick paste. Roll into balls. Devour! Remember that nothing is rigid with this healthy eating malarky so if you have walnuts and not cashews or if you have no mixed seeds just go with the flow and experiment. You can also use normal cocoa such as Green and Blacks if you can’t get hold of the raw cacao. It won’t have as many health benefits but still yummy and pretty good for you. 🙂


  1. OMG – these are delicious! A friend made them for me and they are simply to die for! Just a quick question, is it better to whizz the mixture in a blender or food processor?

  2. Hey Tamara I´m glad you like them, thanks for letting me know :)I find a food processor works best. Whizz until the mixture resembles fine soil and sticks together when squeezed between finger and thumb. Funnily enough this is an old recipe of mine and nowadays I don´t really use the honey/maple syrup and they still taste deeeeelish! Enjoy Xx

  3. Made them tonight. Left out honey. Were delish and my daughter loved them even though they had nuts and seeds in! Success! I think next time I might try 4 dates and some coconut oil and not use flax seeds as they are too hard. Any thoughts on this? Tx

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