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Shrek Super Smoothie!!

As a nanny and a healthy eating coach I know that getting enough vitamins and minerals from fruit and veg is essential for growing bodies. Getting kids to eat greens on the other hand can seem like an uphill struggle. This smoothie works wonderfully and has been tried and tested on 20 6-11 year old boys at a summer soccer camp. They loved it and all had seconds!! The vitamin C in the peaches and mango will boost their immune system keeping coughs and colds away. The iron in the spinach is needed to pump blood around their body and the healthy fats and vitamin E from the avocados will keep their heart strong. All very important when running around playing football or chasing friends/dogs/mum/dad!!

Shrek’s Super Smoothie                                                 


½ banana

1 peach

½ mango

¼ avocado

Handful of spinach




Put all the fruit, veg, ice and water in a blender and whizz! Easy! Make this your own and add as much or as little water as you like to get the right consistency. Play around with different fruits and veg, Romaine and Little Gem lettuces work well too as they are not a very strong taste. Frozen berries make a tasty addition but will turn the smoothie a muddy colour! Add a little honey if it is not quite sweet enough. This is great at breakfast time and can be put in a flask to have as a snack later


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