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Juicey Juices!

Here are 3 of the juices that I made up and enjoyed during my juice cleanse. Try to buy organic where possible and make sure you wash well before juicing. Basically with all the recipes you just chuck them all in the juicer and go! If you only have a high speed blender then you can put them in there then strain and squeeze through a nut mylk bag. I hope you enjoy them and  I will add more as I go 🙂

Red Devil.

2 carrots

1 apple

½ cucumber

4 sticks celery

Handful kale

1 small beetroot.

Could add some chilli/ginger


Light Green Mean Machine

1 apple

1 little gem lettuce

½ cucumber

½ head of celery

Bunch parsley


The Zester

1 pink grapefruit

½ cucumber

2 florets of broccoli

10 red grapes

1 carrot

Handful coriander

1 Romaine lettuce


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