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Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

I am thinking back to Sunday morning….. It was one of “those” mornings, I was rushing around like a crazy person trying to get ready and out the door as I was attending a workshop in London. Whilst getting my smoothie and lunch sorted like a whirling dervish I managed to smash a glass all over the kitchen and living room floor then proceeded to pour my smoothie into my thermal cup so vigorously that it overflowed everywhere….Cleared up and out the door…Made the train…..Got to lunch time……Doh! Where’s my lunch…..By the front door. Yep, one of those days.

I am big on prepping so that we can enjoy a healthy, delicious, cheap lunch/snacks/dinner etc when we are out and about. It saves us from the temptation of fast foods and if you have any particular allergies or food preferences eg raw, wheat free, vegan, macrobiotic etc then it saves you from getting very hungry and ratty!

Here are my top 5 tips on planning yummy food

  1. Get your fruit and veg chopped and in the fridge the night before ready for your green smoothie in the morning. No faffing just whizz and go!
  2. Cook a big batch of brown rice, millet or quinoa and a load of roasted veg then you have a healthy base for lunch or dinners just keep in the fridge and mix with some fresh herbs n veggies, seeds, dressing and sprouts for an extra raw enzyme boost!
  3. Cook up a cauldron of your favourite veggie/lentil/bean soup and freeze in portions. Just get it out in the morn if you think you are going to need a quick, nutritious lunch or dinner. Remember to label!
  4. It may sound dull but just try it for a couple of weeks…Decide what you are going to have for lunches and dinners throughout the week and shop accordingly. It will save you money too. It doesn’t have to be boring as it means that you can actually try out new recipes and have all the right ingredients! I was completely caught short this week as I decided to take part in the Green Smoothie Challenge but had not shopped for it. This meant that although I did take part my smoothies were rather “samey”, still delicious though 😉
  5. Make up enough little snack pots or baggies to see you through the week. You can do mixtures of dried fruit and coconut, nuts, seeds, kale chips, oatcakes, raw cookies, energy balls, packets of miso….Get creative! Then just grab one and chuck in your handbag before you leave the house, that way you will never be caught hankering after a manky looking pasty or packet of biscuits in the petrol station!

I would love to hear what you do to stay on top of your healthy lifestyle when all else around you is going crazy (or eating junk!)!!  Keep me posted and have a great Easter weekend….XXX

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