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Spring clean

Hello lovely people I hope you have been outside enjoying some of the Spring sunshine.

I am writing about detoxing today as it is Spring Equinox on Tuesday 20th March and this sees us heading into Spring properly. With lighter evenings, buds on the trees, flowers popping up and new births this really is a time of great energy, growth and renewal. What better time for a Spring Clean!

Cleansing, fasting, detoxing…..This is not a new concept and is something that has always been used to promote healing and bring clarity of mind. In today’s world it is something that can be of use to us all as even though our bodies have a wonderful cleansing mechanism it can become overwhelmed as we were never really designed to deal with today’s toxicity. The food we eat has been grown in nutrient depleted soil, sprayed with pesticides and herbicides, sometimes irradiated and often flown half way round the world before it gets to us. Chemicals we use to clean our homes and our bodies. Electronic smog. Additives, preservatives, flavourings, colourings and sweeteners in our food and drink….The list goes on and on….. This however is not all doom and gloom but empowering as with this in mind we can decide how to help our body get rid of the extra toxicity.

I am not talking going cold turkey and fasting completely on air. I am talking lets just give our liver some lovin’ and help it deal with this extra load.

So cutting down (or out) caffeine, sugar, salt, artificial and processed foods/drinks, alcohol, smoking, wheat, meat, dairy will really help lighten the load for your liver. Do this gradually and be aware of some detox symptoms such as headaches rashes, irritability or tiredness. Try not to take any medicines though as the body is cleansing and you do not want to push the toxicity (rubbish, acidity, crap) back in. Obviously If symptoms persist and you feel very poorly then see your doctor.

Increase fresh, filtered water consumption, fruits, veggies, sprouts, nuts, seeds and pulses. This will nourish your body and help it to cleanse.

There are many more things that can help and I will be writing more over the week as I partake in a lovely Spring Cleanse myself.

Now chuck that crappy, dead processed food away and get to the shops……Give it a go….Just for a week……I would love to know how you get on so please keep me posted 🙂

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