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Happy spring clean equinox!

Spring has sprung, fantastic and what a beautiful day for it too!!

I am enjoying a Spring cleanse and am going to share some more tips on how to help your body rid itself of excess toxicity so that you can truly spring into action and forge ahead with all those well made plans, ideas, dreams and goals….

  • The food we have more or less covered in my last post so what I will say is keep it fresh, keep it as organic as possible and introduce lots of delicious soups, smoothies and juices…..Loadsa Veg!! The greener the more cleansing but beware….When the body cleanses it has to get out so make sure you are very regular in the “poo department” before you start going crazy on green juices and smoothies.
  • Make sure you are drinking your 2 litres a day of clean, filtered water to keep everything moving and help the liver cleanse.
  • Body brushing is brilliant for helping to boost circulation and get lymph moving . This will help expel toxins and get rid of dead skin cells allowing the skin to breathe. Always brush upwards towards the heart and on dry skin.
  • Hot and cold showering. Basically have your lovely warm shower then turn to cold, scream for 30 secs then back to hot/warm. Do this 3 times ending on cold. Gets the circulation and lymph rushing around your body, is very invigorating and gives anybody living with you a good giggle.
  • Soaked linseeds. Soak a tablespoon of linseeds overnight in a little water and knock them back first thing. Do this morning and evening. They turn into a mucilaginous gloop and act as a broom through your bowels helping to keep you regular and flush out any rubbish that may have been dislodged through cleansing. Be sure to drink plenty of water straight after and throughout the day.
  • Massage can help to stimulate the detoxification process and get lymph moving. It is of course also very relaxing 🙂 It is very important to drink plenty of water afterwards to help flush out the toxicity that has been moved and help prevent detox headaches.
  • Yoga, stretching, walking in the woods or somewhere of natural beauty. Again gets the lymph moving and helps us to create endorphins, the feel good hormones. Deep breathing is a great way to help shift toxicity and calm the mind whether  in the woods or on your yoga mat.
  • Meditation, time out, relaxation….This is so important when detoxing as the body is working extra hard to shift all the old rubbish along with the usual daily onslaught. Take some time to your self to rejuvenate. Make plans and get excited about them. Soak in a huge bubble bath (using natural bath products of course!), Read a book you have been coveting….Just be sure to nurture yourself and do something you enjoy…..

There are many other techniques that can be used to help the body cleanse such as herbs, castor oil packing and enemas but I just wanted to give you something you can do easily, straight away and enjoy….Happy Spring!!

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