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Runnin’ rollin’ yoga & easy peasy Nori Rolls

I am lovin today!!

I have been for a wonderful run in the woods which was easier and far more enjoyable than I thought after a break due to sore leg, snow and ice (and maybe a touch of laziness!!). Did 25 mins of yoga for runners which was hard but I am sure very good for me 😉 after discovering a place I can download free or paid for yoga workouts, brilliant! And I have just finished a delicious sushi style wrap….see photo and recipe for those looking for something, quick, easy, delicious and very nutritious!!

So chop up your veg that you would like in your sushi/nori roll…I chose red pepper, cucumber, red chili, little gem and spring onion. Mix together some cooked brown rice and  chickpeas – I actually warmed this through in some coconut oil, garlic, tamari, chili and lemon juice…Yum.

Place your nori sheet shiny side down and layer your ingredients across widthwise. Drizzle with tahini and spread tahini along the edge so that it will stick when rolled up. Roll and squish as you go. I do not offer fantastic details on how to make the perfect nori roll here so you may want to Google or just look at the back of the Sushi Nori packet (which you can buy in all good health food shops and sometimes Waitrose!).

I say get stuck in, experiment and enjoy!! This is a wonderfully nutritious lunch/snack/dinner as the tahini, chickpeas and nori will provide calcium, magnesium and iron along with healthy protein. The fresh veg…Well, we all know how good that is for us so get rolling!!

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