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My secret love affair… with linseed tea

Happy Merry New Year Everyone!!!

So the last couple of weeks have been very stressful for me, sometimes that’s life, but I have a renewed love for linseed tea. It has seen me through the last couple of weeks keeping me calm when I could have lost the plot and keeping me hydrated when I could have shrivelled up due to stress being so dehydrating!

Linseed tea is made in 2 different ways, the long and the short…

Long way…. 2 tablespoons of organic linseeds ( also known as flaxseeds) in a pan of filtered water, bring to the boil, turn off and leave to stand over night (or 8-12 hours). Bring back to the boil and simmer for an hour, sieve the seeds (if you want) and the remaining gloopy mixture can be kept in the fridge for upto 3 days. When you fancy a comforting warm drink put some of the mixture in a mug and add boiled water to your desired consistency.

Short way….Add 2 tablespoons of linseeds to a flask and add boiled water. Lid on and leave for aprox 12 hours. So do this at bedtime and you have a flask of wonderfully hydrating tea to carry around with you the next day. I sometimes drink it seeds and all, great for keeping bowels regular! Add ginger, honey or lemon if you want more flavour.

Linseed tea brings hydration as it has a mucilaginous (gloopy!) quality which helps it cling to the sides of the bowel bringing the message of hydration and helping water to be absorbed more easily. Linseeds are also packed full of Essential Fatty Acids omega 3 and 6. We need more omega 3 in our diet and although linseed tea does not contain it in large amounts it is a good way of introducing it to the body.

So, next time you know you have a stressful day looming get the linseeds out as stress causes dehydration and dehydration causes stress! Enjoy!

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