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Smooth operator

So Christmas is done and New Years Eve is looming up ahead followed by 2012 and all those fabulous New Years Resolutions….. Time to talk Smoothies me thinks!!

The perfect choice for if you are feeling a little too full of Christmas food/booze/cheer and stuck to the sofa. Get up and get creative in the kitchen!! They are easy on the digestive system and packed with live enzymes, vitamins, minerals, fibre and you can add your omega 3 oils and superfoods….Most importantly they are hydrating and taste delish!!

So grab your blender and throw in some berries (frozen is fine), banana and experiment….add mango, pineapple, kiwis, pears and always add a handful of something green such as spinach, little gem lettuce, kale, cucumber, romaine lettuce. This helps to keep the sugar content down and adds a healthy dose of chlorophyll along with potassium, magnesium and lots of vitamin C. For some added protein, zinc, calcium and healthy fats add a sprinkle of soaked nuts and seeds, this makes it creamier too, yum. Remember to add some filtered water to the consistency that you desire. Your body will love you 😉

Once you have really got into it then start adding your favourite superfoods and other bits and bobs…. Macca or suma to help balance hormones and give energy; milk thistle for an overwhelmed liver, flax oil for omega 3s, lecithin granules to help emulsify the oils, cinnamon to help balance blood sugar or a big sprinkle of raw cacao powder – a highly nutritious and delicious superfood that will give you a chocolatey boost!

The list is endless…..Just get whizzing, experiment and enjoy!! I would love to hear your favourite smoothy recipes….

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