Natural nutrition and healthy eating

Damage Limitation – Action taken to limit the damaging effects of an accident or error.


Yes you want:

ENERGY to go to running club/yoga/bootcamp/big walk in the woods/party.

BALANCE so you can still enjoy evenings out with friends, eating, drinking, laughing and dancing into the wee hours AND a vibrant, healthy life. Not wildly swinging between one or the other!

CLARITY when deciding what to eat and how to nourish yourself on a plant based diet.

HAPPINESS. Real happiness.

By eating a predominantly plant based diet you can have all of this.

Plant based foods provide you with all the nutrients you need to live in vibrant health whilst limiting the damage of too much junk food, caffeine, meat, dairy, booze, sugar, late nights, long days and stress.

Add in support, accountability and someone to hold your hand on the journey and you have a winning combo for some exciting positive lifestyle changes.

Where to start?

  • Check out the blog for information on healthy plant based living, time and money saving tips plus much more.
  •  Try out some of the recipes and watch the videos to gather ideas.
  • Sign up for the newsletter and Free 5 day plant powered meal plan and shopping list.
  • Connect with me over on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Contact me if you decide that you have had enough and would like support to make some exciting positive changes in your life and we can book you in.

Call now for a free no obligation chat to answer any questions you may have and see how I can help you with your goals. 

“To change your life: start immediately. Do it flamboyantly. No exceptions. ” William James.

Here´s what one of my clients had to say.

“I had gone a bit off track in my eating and didn’t feel as healthy. I didn’t know how to regain the energy and zest I had lost and longed to get them back.

There has been much support I have taken from our work together. From amazingly delicious and nutritious recipes that are enjoyable to eat and don’t make me feel full or bloated, to knowing what vitamins and supplements will help me out in modern life to finding an amazing daily fix of goodness through your delicious green smoothie. I think the most profound thing however has been realising just how damaging it was to me not to drink enough water. Since learning about my cells in your very clear and powerful explanation, I have been drinking far more of the stuff and have my water poster up in my kitchen for reference to that very helpful learning.

As a result of our time working together, I feel more energetic, more knowledgeable and more hydrated. I have felt my energy return and know more about how I can look after myself. You have also helped me to see this isn’t about deprivation & treats are still appropriate. Moreover, on a general basis, it is important to eat well with the means to a healthy life style, which I now have thanks to all you have shared.”

Lisa, South London.

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